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ten days

This is where I'll be for the next ten days. It's not as nice as it looks :/ I'm taking a ten-day class art class that provides inexpensive housing for the students taking the course. It's in the middle of the woods & my classmates & I are pretty much roughing it. I miss my boyfriend so badly. We've never been apart more than two days since we started dating over three years ago! I'll post my own pictures tomorrow & more of an update.


  1. i have to admit with as much time as i spend behind the computer id love to be stranded in the middle of the woods somewhere haha. distance only makes the heart grow fonder though! =) first time to your blog, ill be stopping by more i like your posts =)

  2. I like your blog verrry much! I am having a giveaway if you're interested!

    love, polly :)