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beautiful new print :]

"When the elephant is young & relatively weak, it is tied to an immovable stick. So later, no matter how large and strong he becomes, he continues to believe that he cannot free himself. Many intelligent people are like circus elephants. They never question their self-imposed limitations."

Thanks, Fee! & I'm sure it will make a great addition to a nursery someday ;]


  1. aww yay it arrived!
    Everyone is blogging about babies lately, have you noticed that? Maybe it's just me, I keep waking up from having baby dreams myself! strange but cute :)

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  3. The elephant is amazing....I still find myself wishing I was doing art-related stuff still.

    I wish I could open that site on a gov't computer.

  4. So you're thinking about having kids then?

  5. Who knows, Neva, hahah :] Sometimes I do want one, other times I don't. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. But if I ever do, I know the first piece of decor going into that nurser ;]