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goodbye, thanksgiving & hellooooo, christmas!

Was your Thanksgiving amazing? I know mine was. There's nothing like family & great food. I'm missing both already ;] But one holiday is over & the next will be here before we know it! Tomorrow is already the last day of November, oy vey! Over the weekend I added a couple new decorations here & there around the apartment :]

How do you like the new tree skirt? & I'm loving my new gift packaging shelf display more than the books & knick knacks that were there before! I think next I'll be using white & blue glass markers to draw snowflakes on my windows. You gotta be imaginative in Florida ;] Are you doing anything special to decorate?


  1. I'm not doing anything to decorate just yet (don't know if I will, seeing as money is tight) but I LOVE your decorations - especially your tree! so adorable. glad you had a great holiday! :)

  2. Ditto. That's why I hand-make most of my own decorations, hahah! Hope your Thanksgiving was great as well :]