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happy new year!

Sorry for my absence, lovelies. It's been a hectic few weeks! Once classes ended, I studied diligently for one of my Florida Teacher Certification exams (& passed it with flying colors!) & have been working nonstop ever since. On top of working at Universal Studios, I started painting TOMS shoes again on my days off! It's fun, but quite exhausting. & I could really use the money. Other than that, nothing new to report really. The holidays were nice, but overshadowed by all the working. I hope yours were fantastic!

Well, I'm back to blogging now & I'll be making an effort to blog every day, no matter how busy my schedule is :] & since it's New Year's Eve, I figured my return post can be a list of *11 THINGS TO DO BEFORE 2012*

New Year's resolutions are cheesy, but fun little goals aren't. What are some of yours?

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