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I'm officially an art teacher!

I was able to land a job at a nearby elementary school and I couldn't be happier. My classroom's coming together, my lessons are fun, and I'm finally doing what I've been waiting to do my whole life :]

What makes all this even better is that Burton is also teaching now, too! He's a biology & physics teacher at a high school, so we're on the same schedule which has been fabulous. Not to mention we can also share our stresses and excitements about being first year teachers. It's so great starting this new chapter, especially with him by my side. Sorry to gush, but I have to, you know ;]


  1. Ah yay I'm so super stoked for you :)

  2. Your classroom is absolutely adorable!

    (Not that I'm stalking you or anything... :)

  3. Thanks, Becki. I'd be lying if I said I didn't check in on your blog from time to time :]