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have yourself an etsy little christmas...

I know November just started, but I'm trying this new thing out where I don't procrastinate, so...I'm thrilled to say I'm about halfway done with my Christmas shopping! Not only that, but all of my gifts have either been purchased on Etsy or handmade by me :] I've always loved handmade gifts and supporting local artists, but this is the first holiday season where 0% of my gifts are store-bought. I wish I could post some of the adorable things I've snatched up, but I don't want ruin any of the receivers' surprises since some of them are readers here.

That being said, I stumbled upon One Up Designs and their clever pencil sets. They even make awesome wall decals and pocket books as well. If you want to make a purchase with them, click here & use the promo code to get 30% off! Enjoy & happy shopping :]

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