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our new home: the guest room!

One of our favorite things about our new home is that we have a guest room for a change! Since our move-in in January, we've been able to play host about a dozen times & we're even going to offer it up to out-of-town friends for the weekend of our wedding. Since Burton & I are pretty budget-savvy, we get a little thrill even when we can save our friends & family a buck or two on a hotel ;]

The ever-uplifting wall of mantras!

Curtains & wall hangings were sewn by yours truly :]


Still some work to do in this room, but not a whole lot. We have yet to paint the nightstand & headboard to match the dresser. I'd also like to find a new home for the antique bookcase & perhaps add a few more trinkets & baubles. Still, we think it's a pretty nice place for our guests to rest their heads :]

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