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some old college drawings

Today I stumbled upon some sketches from my college days, particularly my figure drawing class. I forgot how much I enjoyed drawing skeletons (since it doesn't exactly happen very often), probably even moreso than regular portraits! There are just so many lines from the so many bones, that there's something relaxing about drawing them. Hope that doesn't make me sound too morbid :]

PS; one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings.


  1. You are so so so talented, girl. I missed you!! Glad you found my blog! :)


  2. Aw, thanks, Katie! Missed you, too! Feels like old times being blog buddies again :]

  3. You definitely have the talents! Keep creating I say :)

  4. I want to, Fee! Once school starts up again & I go back to teaching, it just doesn't seem like there will be enough time :[