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Tonight, Burton & I went to our first tailgate ever (notice that I didn't even have a team shirt to wear). We had a BLAST. It was almost a culture shock for me at first, but now I totally get why people do this. I still hate football, but I would definitely tailgate again. And by "tailgate" I mean hang out with friends, eat scrumptious food, drink lots of beverages, & play lots of cornhole. Yeah, I'd be down for that.

Speaking of firsts, Burton & I ran our first 5k a few weeks back! I guess I forgot to update about that (sorry!), but that's another thing I would definitely do again. It was called the Armageddon Ambush & it was full of obstacles, mud, colored powder, & fuzzy feelings of accomplishment. Actually, I'm going to go look & see which 5k we should sign up for next :]

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