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Meeting The Decemberists!

Did I really get arms-length away from my favorite band of all time? Did I have a conversation with the member of the Decemberists? Pinch me, I'm dreaming! This amazing occurrence was a few weeks back, but I still struggle to believe it happened! I have been IN LOVE with this band since I was 15, so much so that I once e-mailed their manager to ask how much it would cost for them to perform at my hypothetical wedding. Still awaiting a response. That was maybe 10 years ago, long before I even had a serious boyfriend.

One of the major perks of moving to Portland is that The Decemberists are from here. So not only will I have more opportunities to see them in concert, but I'll have access to more intimate events like this signing. Many bands, including The Decemberists, don't even extend their tours into Florida anymore, which is one of the many reasons why we had to get out of there. I haven't seen them live since 2007!

But in January, I got to chat them up! Or rather, they chatted & I responded in short answers, while Burton carried on most of the conversation. I was completely starstruck! We talked about when Laika would finally turn Wildwood into a stop-motion movie & a stolen crane sculpture from their Hazards of Love tour. They signed some merch for us & then I burst into tears as soon as we left.

I love this band. I'm so grateful they're still together, still churning out amazing songs. Check out their newest album when you've got the time :]


  1. awww what an awesome thing to happen! Do you watch parks and recreation? and if so I hope you saw the episode they were in!!!

    1. Oh absolutely! I love Parks & Rec, so I was completely thrilled to see them on there :] Hope you're enjoying the final season! It's bittersweet for me.