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Summer 2015: Camping in Colorado!

At the very beginning of August, Burton & I hit the road (after a spontaneous camping trip) for Dinosaur National Monument Park! Our beloved Florida friends drove out to meet us in the middle of the country to camp in the Colorado canyon for 4 nights. And it was GLORIOUS! We lounged in hammocks, hiked to spectacular viewpoints, rafted on the Green River, saw tons of wildlife, & even got up close & personal with DINOSAUR FOSSILS! But one of my favorite parts of the trip was the night sky. Our campsite, in Echo Park, has some of the lowest levels of light pollution in the country! Each night, we'd sit in our chairs with our backs to the fire & watch for satellites, shooting stars, & the Milky Way's movement across the sky. After our four nights of camping, it was really hard to leave our campsite & especially our friends. But at least we took some awesome memories with us :]


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