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fundraising update

easy fundraisers

They might be baby steps, but we're taking them! So far, we've raised $60 in donations & I'm over-the-moon grateful :]

Tomorrow, I will post four new original paintings to my etsy shop & I'll also start working on selling a few original drawings later this week. I hope you'll love them!

To read up on why I started Nicole's Starving Art Teacher Fund, you may do so here. Any support I receive will not go unrecognized, whether it's buying a cute item from my etsy shop or clicking the little "donate" button in the upper right corner of my blog.

Thanks again, lovelies. I will have all of you to thank when I'm the most kick ass art teacher this time next year :]


1 comment:

  1. good work Nicole!!!!
    You'll definitely make a rad art teacher :)