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help a starving art teacher?

original fundraising ideas
Friends, it would be an understatement to say that this is an exciting time in my life! Inching closer & closer to my graduation date has made me more thrilled than ever to finally get into a classroom of my own & share my passion for art with students.

While my internship has been helping me develop exponentially & fill my life with purpose, it has really started to hurt financially. I knew my final year of college would be tough, considering my full-time internships are unpaid. But with only being able to work weekends, paired with the cost of prepping myself for the professional world, I am watching my savings dwindle.

I even came up with a list of ways I could save up some money. While this isn't my proudest moment, I thought about asking my friends & family for help. Sort of like a fundraiser. I thought $1,000 was a reasonable goal because:
  • I have two more teacher certification exams to take ($400)
  • I'd like to go with some fellow UCF students to the National Art Education Association conference in Seattle if I could (about $500)
  • Anything else could go towards teacherly clothes or resources

So here I am, asking you to please donate a few dollars if you can, it can be as much, or as little as you want. Of course I will pick a handful of the people who donate, & send them a super cute thank you package.

Or, if you'd rather support me with more bang for your buck ;] my etsy shop is still open to any eager buyers. I will be adding some cute new paintings, so keep checking back!

Or, if you're in the Orlando area, I will be at Downtown Disney November 12-14th, painting TOMS shoes & trying to make a buck or two.

I will appreciate any support I receive wholeheartedly. & I will keep everyone updated on my efforts, so we can all celebrate together once my goal is reached (& my despair is alleviated, hah!) To donate, please click the button in the upper right hand corner of my blog & please be sure to leave a note, that way it will be easier to pick the people for the packages.

Thanks for listening, lovelies. You all are wonderful<3


  1. Hey there,

    i know your gonna make a great teacher and we need more teachers like you! hope this helps!!!
    Avivaface :)

  2. Thanks, Aviva :] It's so sweet to know that I still have the support of some of my oldest friends :] Love you!