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fundraising update

easy fundraisers

I made some big leaps in my Starving Art Teacher Fund this weekend! I painted 40 pairs of TOMS shoes at the Downtown Disney art festival, bringing in $400 (that's enough money to pay for two of my teacher certification exams!) I had so much fun at this event that I'm a little bummed it can't be my regular job, but I'm going to definitely try harder to make myself more available for these sorts of opportunities :]

Sadly, nothing in my etsy shop has sold yet. I'm actually really surprised no one has snatched up those heart paintings! But I have been commissioned by a couple loved ones to do some paintings for a total of $105, so that's a big help :]

That brings my funds raised to a total of $565!!!! I'm over half-way there! I'm beyond excited & grateful to all of those who've helped & supported me so far. Again, any support I receive will not go unrecognized, whether it's buying a cute item from my etsy shop or clicking the little "donate" button in the upper right corner of my blog.

You're all so, so wonderful :]



  1. I'm excited for my heart painting! yay

  2. I have a commission for you for my hair flowers... did I tell you to make three? I can't remember.

  3. Neva -- Yes, I'm already planning to make three :] & it's not a commission, it's a wedding gift!

  4. Don't be absurd. I'm paying you for it.

  5. hang in are doing a great thing! i just got my certification this may and i am still taking exams to get more certifications in other states!!! it seems to never end but keep your eye on the prize and it will all be worth it ♥

  6. You're an art teacher?! How exciting that I stumbled upon you in this way :] I think your blog will be a new favorite of mine to read! Thank you so much for the encouraging words <3