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shoes & a birthday

November 12th-14th, I'll be working at The Festival of the Masters in Downtown Disney. It's an annual festival, which celebrates art. Myself & a handful of artists will be there to paint any purchased TOMS shoes! These were just some of my sample designs :] So if you'll be in the Orlando area, you should come & get some beautified shoes!!

It was my sweetheart's 23rd birthday last week. Crazy to think that this is his fourth birthday I've celebrated with him :] He recently built himself a custom computer, so our families gave him checks contributing to his computer fund, in place of gifts. I even made him a computer plushie, which had a little pocket to hold all of the checks :] Have a happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Can't wait to see you painting those shoes on Sunday! <3

  2. JenJen stopped by today! It was such a hit :] Can't wait to seee youuuuuu!