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photomobile project

I just registered to participate in Art House Co-op's A Million Little Pictures Photomobile Project! You pick a theme (I chose "pictures of people I know"), they send you a disposable camera, & your photos join many others on a traveling exhibition across the country. Fun! I love Art House for their many different projects, one of which my pal Fee is currently working on! Art House provides current & would-be artists with inspiration & art awareness & is definitely an organization I'll be telling my students about once I'm in the classroom. I'm so excited to start my first project with them & it certainly won't be my last :]


  1. awesome, I didn't know they had more projects...talking of sketchbooks I better get crackin on mine!

    Love the camera idea, very cool and look forward to seeing your pics!

  2. Oh, so many projects, hahah! Yes, I'd love to see more from that sketchbook. You're only a few pages in & it's already looking fabulous :] & I'll definitely be posting all of my project pictures as soon as they're all developed.