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puppy park!

Luckily, my spring break has been blessed with beautiful weather! Earlier this week, Burton & I met up with a friend to take our puppies to the dog park. You can't tell from these pictures, but there were at least 50 other dogs there. It was funny how certain types of dogs stuck together, like high school cliques! All the active dogs were running around like lunatics by the water, the short, fat pugs & bull dogs were breathing heavily together, & the tiny, foo-foo dogs were sitting by the picnic tables with their owners. & that whole theory about dogs looking like their owners (from 101 Dalmations) proved to be true! We had discussions about which dog we should try to sneak home with us. The Australian shepherd? The border collie? There was serious puppy fever! We'll probably get another one down the road, but certainly not any time soon. Myla, our 1-year-old black lab, is still quite a handful!

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