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DIY hope chest makeover

Sorry for the lousy camera phone picture. But ain't she a beauty?!
Here is what it looked like before, acting as a TV stand in our old townhouse.

It was scratched, chipped, stained, & generally pretty beat up. It needed some lovin'. This chest was actually given to my mom from her parents as part of her dowry (which always makes me think of this scene from 'Me & You & Everyone We Know') & then given to me. When I moved to Orlando, it was loaded with all sorts of home goods -- towels, silverware, toaster, & even an apron with matching oven mitts.

Since moving to our new place, we were using it a little bit as a coffee table, but it really was too small for our gigantic living room. I thought it was about time it got a makeover! I painted the base using the same paint to match our handmade end tables, & then adhered some batting on top with Super 77. Burton & I stapled pretty new fabric on top & voi-la! A one-day project with a grand total of $17! We also moved it next to one of the couches so it can serve as an end table or as some extra seating. We just got the hilarious Cards Against Humanity game, so we'll be putting that extra seating to good use soon :]

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