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life lately (via instagram)

Here are some of my favorite photos (off my instagram) since my last update :]

Quinoa, Kale, & Sweet Potato Stir Fry! We've been eating super healthy lately, mainly because "Forks Over Knives" freaked us out & were introduced to My Fitness Pal. Burton & I are also going on bike rides almost everyday. I'm down 13lbs so far! Woohooo!

My mama's Mothers Day gift: Matching bracelets! I think of her & smile every time I look at my wrist :]


We spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in St. Pete for our friends' wedding. We spent the perfect beach day there! (Photos of the wedding soon!)

We also visited The Sunken Gardens in St. Pete. So, so pretty.

Burton & I tried out a painting class date night! It was fun to see him out of his element. He said that he hadn't painted anything since middle school!

More fun updates coming soon now that the school year is OVER!! :]

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