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one year oregonians!

Yesterday was our anniversary of arriving in Oregon & I can't believe it's been a year already!! We began our special day at our friends' Vietnamese engagement ceremony, which was filled with so many interesting & lovely customs, including the groom's family gifting the bride's family with a whole roast pig! Afterwards, we met up with some other friends at a special brewery event which even included beer donuts & beer ice cream! Then we had yummy dinner at a nearby food cart pod, drank some more beer in our friends' backyard, & watched a movie once the sun set. It was such a fun day to mark the occasion :]

Our first year as Oregonians has been filled with such positive experiences, wonderful new friends, A LOT of scrumptious food, & unbelievable natural beauty :] It isn't difficult to imagine Burton & I buying a cute Portland bungalow & raising little kiddos out here. Since we arrived, I knew that this was the place I wanted to lay down some roots & we are very excited for many more years in our new home state!

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