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boot camp!

Now that it's summer time, Burton & I are cracking down on our health & fitness. We've put on a few pounds over the school year because teachers love bringing in cookies & brownies. It's just so hard to resist, dammit. So we're kicking carbs to the curb, drinking only water, & getting our asses in shape. We even have a Getting Our Asses in Shape chart, see?


Burton & I both have the same goal to lose 30lbs. & the great thing about having Burton by my side is that my lack of will power doesn't stand a chance to his determination. He has already quarantined all of our cereals, pasta, & granola bars, & he's always pushing me a little bit more when we're exercising. The other day, we were coming back from a long bike ride & he said, "Did I hear you say that you wanted to run around the block one time when we get back home?"

"What?! You're crazy."

"Okay, two times."


We're only a few days in & we feel great. I'm sure we'll be pretty darn close to our goal weight by the time the next school year starts up. & we'll definitely be lookin' mighty fine for our wedding! 5 months to go!!

PS; I looove this girl's weight loss blog. Super motivational :]

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