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chalkboard table numbers

Please excuse the camera phone pictures. I was just so excited to show off my most recent wedding project that I couldn't wait for my camera to charge!

1. Place painters tape near the wooden frame to keep any paint from getting onto the chalkboard. Use an Xacto knife to get close to the corners. 2. Prep the workspace! Lay out scrap paper, grab your palette, & break out the paintbrushes. I also had this picture up on my laptop, which I was using for color inspiration. 3. After the paint on the front & back of the wooden frames has dried, remove the painters tape aaaaaand 4. Admire your handiwork :]

SUCH an improvement from before! The centerpieces have a lot of natural wood elements already, so this pop of color from the table numbers will really make a difference. The centerpieces will probably be done sometime next week so I'll be able to show off the whole shebang then! XO.

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