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the responsibility award goes to...


One of my favorite things is giving gifts at unexpected times (ie: any time that isn't a birthday or holiday). My most recent unexpected gift to Burton was a Responsibility Trophy. The idea mainly stems from my favorite Hyperbole & a Half entry & I've been itching to buy him one for, oh, about six months now, as an "End of the School Year" present.


I just wanted to give him a quirky little gift to show how proud of him I am. We've come a long way since we started dating. In the last year & a half, Burton has accomplished the following feats:
  • Quit his barely minimum wage job to pursue a career
  • Passed four teacher certification exams
  • Got hired for his first teaching position after just 2 interviews (woohoo, SALARY!!)
  • Moved in with his first girlfriend :]
  • Made said girlfriend a fiance!
  • Adopted a puppy
  • Moved into a beautiful new home for our small family
  • Got accepted into a FREE Masters in Science Education program
  • & has made me a proud lady every day for all the little things he does.
Seriously, I love this guy :] So proud to be yours, Burton!

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