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getting better with age

I know I'm still a youngin', but lately I've been concerned about aging well. Maybe it's the health kick we're on, or maybe it's thoughts about becoming a mama in the next few years, but lately I've been wanting to make sure that I age gracefully. From what I hear, now's the time to start little habits that will have big pay offs when I'm older.

My own mom & grandma have always given me silly little tips like "Moisturize upwards because you're fighting against gravity!" or "Always apply foundation around your eyes with your ring fingers because they have the most delicate touch". But I was looking around for some other tips besides the ones we've all heard before: Always wear sunscreen! Get 8 hours of sleep! Don't smoke!

I found this article, "Aging Gracefully, the French Way" & thought it had some of the most refreshing perspectives I had seen! French women try to always keep a steady weight, yet think of gyms as torture. They'd rather walk around town or take a diet pill instead. Their insurance sometimes even covers facials, massages, & other spa treatments! The article has a ton of different ideas & is fun to read, like a window into another country's perspective on beauty. Here's just one of my favorite bits:

Beauty is a tradition handed down from generation to generation.
“My grandmother always told me, ‘Never neglect yourself, not even in the tiniest details,’ ”


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