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our save the date video!

Burton & I wrapped on our save the date video last night! We've already gotten plenty of e-mails back from friends & family telling us how much they loved it :] We were originally inspired to make a video instead of mailing out paper because it's free, more environmentally friendly, & a little bit more creative. & it honestly turned out much better than I was expecting!

Let me take you a little bit behind the scenes. We decided to nix the idea of filming somewhere outdoors mainly because of the heat & not really finding any place suitable to chalk up. Instead, we filmed inside of our home, on the lid of our newly-built keezer. So the most troublesome part of the whole process was placing the camera to give us a steady aerial shot. We wound up jerry-rigging a contraption with a ladder, pool cue, & a whole lotta duct tape.


Luckily, we only had to do two takes. I was so nervous during the first take that my body kind of went on autopilot. It wasn't until we finished & were celebrating our awesome video that I realized I had written "November 24th, 2014"!! We laughed it off, took this incriminating photo, & did it again. You can even see me hesitate in the video when I write 2012, just to make sure I didn't goof up twice!Then we used some basic video editing know-how to add fades, music, & change up the speed. But we're so happy with it & we're thrilled with how it has been amping up everyone's excitement for our wedding :] 135 more days!!


  1. Aww so super cute and lovely writing!!!

  2. Thank you! I'm sure my lettering could've been much fancier, but we wanted to keep it under three minutes ;]