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back from our carnival cruise!

We just got back from our 7-day Caribbean cruise last weekend & WOW. It doesn't get much better than that. We traveled to four different countries, read & relaxed, ate like royalty, got some sun, played games, & had awesome entertainment. I've gotta admit, it's pretty hard to come back to reality. But first, let me show you some of my favorite photos from the trip :]










By far, my favorite of the trip was swimming with our dolphin friend, Chuck, in Cozumel. Interacting up close with dolphins is one of those touristy things I've always wanted to do & now I can cross it off my list :] We got to touch, kiss, hug, & "shake hands" with the dolphin, & even got a foot push from him. My favorite activity though was getting a belly ride! He swims on his back while you hold onto his fins like bicycle handlebars! I seriously couldn't stop giggling through the whole thing :]





Those were my faves, but you can check out many more pictures on my flickr :]

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