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Before Sunrise Sunset & Midnight


A few weeks ago, my husband & I went to see "Before Midnight" (finally)! I feel like I had been waiting years for this movie to come out. For those of you who haven't seen these movies yet (stop what you're doing & watch them now!), they are a series about two people who connect & separate & reconnect with nine years in between each movie.

The first movie, "Before Sunrise", really struck a chord with me when I first watched it in high school, simply because I was a hopeless romantic yearning to obtain a similar connection. In the second movie, "Before Sunset", Ethan Hawke is in a loveless marriage & wonders what could have been with Julie Delpy. I was having similar doubts in my own long-term relationship at the time & wondering if my future husband should be someone else. It was also one of the last movies I watched in the house we used to share together. The third movie "Before Midnight" seems like the darkest in the series, but it is perhaps my favorite. It was interesting for me to see the two finally as a family, now that I'm a lady in her first year of marriage. Although I'm happy to say that I doubt my marriage will be even half as dramatic ;] All three are definitely worth checking out, especially for all those romantic saps out there!

By the way, you can see one of my favorite scenes from the series here, from "Before Sunset" :]

P.S. Check out this awesome Q&A Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, & Ethan Hawke did on Reddit!

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